Aston Martin DBX Price – Specs – Interior.

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The Aston Martin DBX is a First SUV Car of Aston Martin It gives you the Value of Luxury and Beauty.. As we Know that Aston Martin is a British (UK) Car Company. Dbx is an upcoming Mid-sized SUV of Martins. This Car is compared with Lamborghini Urus and Bentley Bentayga..

If you are finding Comfortable Suv and you are the Tech Lover Aston Martin DBX is For you. As Compare to Others DBX has more Stylish Body Design. It’s Totally made for Adventure. DBX is a One of the Best SUV in this Market, This Car has all-wheel drive and many more features which we are going to tell you soon. So be with us…

Aston Martin has debut in the market at the 2019, but the car production start in 2015 . Now DBX join the list of high-performance Luxury suv and As you know Now It has Big competitor like – Maserti and Ferrari Suv..


Aston Martin DBX Specification

The Aston Martin comes with 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine and It has 9-speed Automatic gear-box. The HorsePower of DBX is 542hp which accelerate 0-100km/h (0-62 mph) in just 4.5 seconds and The DBX has Topspeed of 292km/h which is (181mph) that’s Amazing…

So This is…

  • Torque – 700nm
  • Max Power – 550ps
  • Mileage – upcoming
  • Fuel Type – Diesel
  • Engine Displacement – 5204cc

If we talk about the India So It has started booking in india too and you can ask to dealer in delhi or Mumbai to book their SUV. we talked about the specification of  DBX. but Now We are going to talk about It’s Price Range of different Countries and states.. So be with us

Aston Martin DBX Fact..

The Technology used in DBX from Mercedes-Benz like – infotainment and Powertrain. The Engine of DBX is Taken from Mercedes Which is Mercedes AMG‘s M177.

Aston Martin DBX Price

Aston Martin DBX Price

Here we are going to talk about DBX Price of Different Countries, So stay with us.. If we talk about the Aston Martin DBX Price in India…So It would be around ..

  • Aston Martin DBX, Automatic, Diesel – Rs.3.5Cr  – Ex-Showroom Price

If we talk about the USA Price rate of DBX So It would be around $189,900 and this is the Manufacture’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP). If we convert into Rupee So it would be Rs.1,41,90,220  (Rs.1.41Cr)..

So here we can see that How Expensive it is in India. This is not only Car Which is expensive, every Car in india is Expensive from other countries..Because of Custom Duty and lot of taxes etc…


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