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The Nissan GTR is a Super Sport Car by Japanese Car Manufactured Nissan Motors. Which was Lauched in 2007. The Nissan has Dynamic Grand Tourer and It’s only made for Run. Therefore GT-R is a Iconic Car of Nissan. The Skyline GT-R is a Most Famous and Luxury Model of Nissan. Now it’s name use for Luxury-sport Market. 

There is the Exterior Designer of Nissan GTR is Hirohisa ono. Who made this Beautiful and Stylish Exterior Design of this Car and Akira Nishimura who made the Luxury interior of GTR thats Gazab. Maybe your thinking why we talked about the Designers. So these are The Real hero of the Automobile industry and we don’t know about it. Because of designers the Normal Car becomes Sport and luxury cars etc.. if you agree write the agree in comment now.


The Luxury Interior of Nissan GTR

The Interior of Nissan GTR is Fully Luxury and Sporty. Which is very Comfortable and Stylish that make feels on the cloud. The GT-R has 2-door and 2+2 seat Coupe BodyStyle.  As we Know that GTR is not Stylish as an Italian Car but Everycar has their own Image. but If you like to go fast, So GTR is made for you. 

So if we talk about the Interior finishing, It’s totally made by Leather. Everything in this car around you like – Centre Console, Door panels, Shift lever etc.. So max work was done in this car is leather work. There are two new features that comes in the GTR which we”ll discuss later in the Feature section.

There are some Interior Features which we are going to discuss. So Let’s Begin As we told you about the two new features. First is the Dial  which helps you to control your Multi-touch screen by rotating and pushing right and left.

Second is Tachnometer which is placed in the centre with the large scale shift indicator on the upper right.


Nissan GTR Specifications

The Price of Nissan GTR in India.

The Price of Nissan GTR in India.

So here we are going to talk about Price of Nissan GTR in India with It’s different states. Here we compare the prices of GTR with different States. So be with us for more…

The Nissan GTR is a Handcrafted Automobile and the prices of this car is Rs.2.12 Crore (Ex-Showroom Price) in Noida.

The Nissan GTR Price in Delhi is around Rs.2.43 Crore (On-Road Price). If we talk about the (Ex-Showroom) Price It’s similar to Noida.

The Nissan GTR Price in Mumbai is around Rs.2.50 Crore (On-Road Price). If we talk about the (Ex-Showroom) Price It’s similar to Delhi and Noida.

The Nissan GTR Price in Bangalore is around Rs.2.64 Crore (On-Road Price). If we talk about the (Ex-Showroom) Price It’s similar to Mumbai, Noida and Delhi.

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