Jaguar F-TYPE – Price in india -Specs-Features-Design.

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The is all -new Jaguar F-Type, which is a impossibly modern car Manufactured By British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover. The F-type is a two-seater sports car and This car comes as soft-Top convertible and fastback coupe version launched in 2013, they both are 2-doors. It has hard -bodied appearance and hifh performance acumen.

The Jaguar F-type is a possibly one of the most Antonyms sportcar, F-type surrounded your passengers with a snug cabin and captivate its driver with snarling supercharged engines, This Jaguar F-type is designed only for blend of Driving experience and high-tech features, It totally made by aluminium and it’s weighs around 1700 kilos which is quite heavy but the performance of this car is…..(Sorry) we’ll talk about later…..hahaha 

Jaguar F-TYPE - Price in india -Specs-Features-Design.

The F-Type comes in two different version coupe and convertible and they both  cars has 2.0 litre petrol engine that produces 296 bhp and 400Nm of peak torque and The Top Model of Jaguar F-Type is SVR  Which is the beast because SVR has 5.0 litre Supercharged V8 engine with 567 bhp and 700 Nm of peak torque  which is Massive, This is not a end SVR caught the 0-100 kmph in just 3.7 seconds while the top speed is 322kmph  ( )

Jaguar F-Type Price in India 

Jaguar F-Type Price in India 

The F-Type is a Lion of Jaguar and Automobile Industry, It has that ferocious look that any car enthusiast would love and here is all variant with prices…

  • Coupe 2.0 – (Petrol) – Rs 90.93 lakh
  • Coupe R-Dynamic 2.0 (Petrol) – Rs 93.67 lakh


  • Convertible 2.0 – (Petrol) – Rs 1.01crore
  • Convertible 2.0 – (Petrol) – Rs 1.04crore


  • 5.0 Coupe R (Petrol) – Rs 2.22crore
  • 5.0 Converible R (Petrol) – Rs 2.37crore


  • 5.0 Coupe SVR (Petrol) – Rs 2.65crore
  • 5.0 Convertible SVR (Petrol) –  Rs 2.80 crore

Jaguar F-Type Price in Delhi Start from Rs 90.93 lakh to Rs 2.80 crore, There are all Variants with Price and you don’t need to go somewhere esle, If u want to know about Price in USA So’ be with us 

Lot of People have a question that how much does a jaguar f type cost (India & USA) here the answer as a mentioned above and below aslo…

Jaguar F-Type Price in USA

Jaguar F-Type Price in USA

This is a Great Vehicle of Jaguar Cars and Whenever we Buy a car first thing come’s in mind Price so that-why we coverup price in 2nd point here we discuss about the Starting price of Jaguar F-type in USA….

  • 2021 F-TYPE COUPE – $61,600 
  • 2021 F-TYPE FIRST EDITION COUPE – $73,100


  • 2021 F-TYPE R-DYNAMIC COUPE$81,800
  • 2021 F-TYPE R COUPE$103,200
  • 2021 F-TYPE CONVERTIBLE – $64,700
  • 2021 F-TYPE R CONVERTIBLE – $105,900
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