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The BMW M3 is a Supercar of M Series, M3 also known for his high-performance car of BMW 3 series. The M3 is a Brand New Sedan, Manufactured by BMW Motorsport Gmbh. The assembly of M3 in Germany. It’s 5 Door saloon, So Therefore M3 is a Great Model of BMW. It has more models Which we”ll Discuss Later.

The Design of M3 is Zeher (Marvelous)Which we would discuss later.. What makes M3 Special. So we can say that M3 is upgrading over the years, not only the body but also the features and specs. Which we are going to talk about Now… Stay with us 


BMW M3 Specifications

The M3 is very Beautiful Sporty Vehicle of BMW, Which attract you towards it.. when we hear about Specs, The first things pop up in our mind is their Engine. The Performance of BMW M3 is a very powerful which produces by 3.0L Petrol engine, There are lot of things which we’re going to talk about So what you’ve to do is be with us only…

So let’s start with the Topspeed of M3, As we already talked about the Performance of this car. The speed is similar to their performance (means Amazing). The Topspeed of BMW M3 is 174mph that’s means ( 280km/h ) with 425hp ( Horsepower ) that feels you Powerful which is quite awesome and It’s the acceleration is also good 0 -100mph in just 13.8sec.

Let’s talk about the Key Spec of the BMW M3.  

So we talked a lot about the Specifications of M3, Now move on to the Price which utmost important for the customers…we always try our best to give you, So you don’t need to go somewhere else for your queries.

BMW M3 Price In India

The First BMW M3 launched in 1988, which is Coupe RWD with the Price tag of $35,125 (₹26.10Lakh). But Today the Latest 2020 BMW M3, which is ( Sedan, 2979cc, Petrol, Automatic ) comes with the Prices is ₹1.40Cr. So in India M3 has only 1 Model what we’re talking about.

As we talk about the same country like India, Let’s talk about Pakistan So here the Price of BMW M3 would be ₹1.40Cr to 2.0Cr (Pakistani rupee)But Maybe  M-3 is not available in Pakistan…

Interior and Comfort.

The Interior of BMW M3

Did you know that BMW M3 Interior is the same as the 3-series? That means some design and features would be the same but not all, If we talk about the comfortability of M3 the first thing that comes up in our mind is Seats. So It has 5 seating capacity and the fully waterproof seat covers with some extra protection. It feels you sleepy, but it’s not good for a sports car (hahahahaha) I’m Joking..

So As we always talk about the Interior features, now we show you but in a different pattern. So are you ready, If yes you’ve to do only one thing be with us..

 There are five Key Features of the BMW M3, what we’re going to talk about in Detail.

Speedometer –  As you know that Speedometer is also called Gauge Cluster. and it helps you to see the speed, navigation, fuel consumption. but in some other cars has different look at Speedometer.

Touch Screen –  As you know that Touch screen is also known as an infotainment system. It’s a very useful 10.5inch screen which you can connect with your mobile. it’s voice control and a multi-charging port with an optional charging pad.

Multi-function Steering Wheel – It’s very helpful and time-saving. you can do everything with our steering wheel, I think we don’t need to tell you more about it.

Driver Airbag –  As we know that it’s a safety device that a car must-have. An in-car airbag is everywhere but the main place is the Driver seat.

Engine Start Stop Button – There is nothing to talk about the start-stop button because everyone knows about it


The BMW M3 Design

The Exterior of BMW M3 Sedan is Breathtaking, The streamlined Bodyshape with perfect design. far from other cars. The Awesome Front HeadLights of BMW M3 is powered by bi-xenon lamps with four LED DRL rings. The Tail lights give you the modern appearance and these use less-energy than the other lights.

The Front Bumper of M3 has a Unique structure with three air intake sections for engine cooling and the second bumper (rear) has a pair of reflectors for the protection. The alloy wheels give a different look to this car. As we know that M3 is a Sports car but it also feels you Luxury not from the Exterior but also in Interior.

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