The Tesla Model 3 Supercharger cost and What is a Tesla Supercharger

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What is a Tesla Supercharger?

Supercharger stations are conveniently located in wise places, like Shops, Restaurant, wifi-hot pots. Every station has Multiple Superchargers to get you back on the road quickly.

In other words, As other cars have a gas station, so Tesla has a Supercharger station which is very helpful, pocket-friendly, and Futuristic…

In India, Tesla is Coming soon, So There are no Supercharger stations but currently, India has 150 Charging stations available for Electric Vehicles…

Tesla Model 3 supercharger cost?

Tesla model 3 supercharger cost ?

Here we clear all the answer to your question,

If we fully charge a Model 3 it takes £12 in Supercharger and then you can drive your car for 254 miles. This is amazing, If we use a public charger network it cost would be around £7.50 to £10.26 For a 20 to 80 percent charge.

If we convert the Price in Indian Rupee it would be around Rs 1,138.36. you can drive your car up to 408Km. So if we charge our Tesla in Public network then the price would be around in India is  Rs 711.50 to Rs 973.05 for a 20 to 80 percent charge.

As you know we discuss the overview of the cost to charge tesla model 3 in our previous post. Now we discuss the above in detail…

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