Tesla Model 3 – Price in India-Interior-Specs.

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What is Tesla?

Tesla is a American Electric Car Company which is based in Palo Alto,California. The Tesla is specializes in Electric Vehicle Manufacturing and As we know that tesla Known as Tesla Motors. but It’s name based upon Nikola Tesla, Who is the designer of the modern Alternating Current (AC) electrical systems. 

Let’s Back to the Point  

What is Tesla?

So Let’s Talk About Tesla Model 3. It’s a Sedan Model of Tesla Cars, Everything about this car is Amazing. Like design, comfortability, price range and few awesome features. It’s totally hybrid car, It’s feels you like a Future…

In this Price Range Tesla gives a Powerful electric vehicle with astonishing look. Model 3 has a great Benefit that you don’t need to go any gas station, you can charge your car at home. In single Charge you can drive upto 322mile and you can charge your car in just 15min upto 172mi at Supercharger locations. So Tesla makes you a future person.

Here we discuss about it’s Power, the Tesla Model 3 accelerate from zero to 60mph in just 3.2 sec and it also has Top Speed upto 162 mph and a carbon fiber spoiler improves stability at high speeds..

Tesla Model 3 Price in India

Tesla Model 3 Price in India

Here we talk about Tesla Model 3 Prices of Different Variants, So Tesla has only one model and it’s Upcoming Car in India. There is Ex-showroom Price of Model 3

  • Model 3 Automatic, Electric –  Rs.70.0 Lakh

As we discuss above about Price, we’ll also talk about Model 3 Interior. It has Superb Design from the outside as we know but here we are not speaking about it. Model 3 has two awesome interior colors

Model 3 Interior

  • 1.Black&White
  • 2. All Black

They both have same features, but different in colors. Futher we talk about more about Tesla, so be with us…

Some Interior Features

So As you know we talk about above The Model 3 Interior, Here we”ll tell you some interior features. So let’s begin….

Tesla Model 3 has great features which is Live Traffic Visualization, Seriously this is Awesome. you can see it by the satellite, that only one features makes you happy and

It has 12-way Power adjustable front seat and tinted glass roof with ultraviolet which allows light in the visible range. Therefore Model 3 Features is amazing what do you think.. Comment down below

There are some more features which you can see like

  • Premium seat materail
  • Power folding side mirrors
  • Drive custom profile

and there are more and more features like this…

we must read it

The Best thing about the Tesla Model 3 interior is that, It’s completely Leather free Including steering wheel. The Tesla officially announced that, There is no use of animal activists. Model 3 interior is 100% Leather free..


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