Lexus ES – Price in India – Specification – Interior and Design.


The Lexus ES is a Beautiful and Stylish 4-Door Sedan, which is also called  Lexus ES350 and Lexus ES300h. The Lexus Manufactures In Toyota’s Plant, (Japan). It’s Because of Toyota is a Parent Company of Lexus. The ES Present in the market in August 2018 and It’s comes with both Layout (FWD & Front Wheel Drive).

If we Talk about ES design It’s Totally Amazing especially the Front Design, Which we’ll discuss later it. The Yasuo kajino is the Designer of Beautiful Lexus ES.

and So If we talk about the Dimensions of Lexus ES -It has Wheelbase 2,870   mm (113.0 in) – Length 4,960 mm (195.3 in) – Width 1,865 mm (73.4 in) – Height 1,445 mm (56.9 in) – Curb weight 1,655 kg (3,649 lb) (ES 350). Lexus ES name in Japanese is ( Rekusasu ES ).


The ES of Lexus has a Superb and Astonishing Look. The Brand new Lexus ES comes in 6 (SIX) Different Colors. { Sonic Titanium, Deep Blue Mica, Sonic Quartz, Graphite Black Glass Flake, Ice Ecru and Red Mica Crystal Shine }. All these Attractive Colors are the Exterior Colors of Lexus ES which are Available in India…

As we Talk about the Lexus ES300h, So It’s also has a Unique Model which is the 2021 Lexus ES300h Hybrid That’s totally different from other Variant. but In 2021 ES Hybrid has a lot of different things, It has different Colors, Key features, and different prices, etc. Check out for more…

The Lexus ES has a Beautiful Shimamoku Ornamentation which is also called Extra Storage but It’s Luxury. There is a Wireless Charging tray in ES for Qi-compatible Phones and It has amazing Optitron Technology, which is started by Lexus. that’s amazing, It improves the quality of meters with Crystal clear illumination on the dial with clear needles…

Lexus Es Prices in India

In India, Lexus comes in two Variants which are ES300h and ES300h Luxury
the Lexus ES300h Price in India starts at Rs.51.9 lakh and Rs.56.95 lakh which is Ex-Showroom Prices for the whole of India.
So, There are the On Road Prices of Lexus ES in India.
  • The Lexus ES300h  – Rs.59,76,194  On Road Price in India.
  • The Lexus ES300h Luxury – Rs.65,54,955  On Road Price in India.

Lexus Es Prices in Pakistan 

In Pakistan Lexus Es Pricing Start at Rs.66.7 Lakh to Rs.75 Lakh (Pakistani rupee) and every variant of the Lexus Es comes In this Price Range. Such as Lexus Es 300h 2019 to Lexus Es 350 Luxury 2020 etc. There are lots of models of Es at this price point.


So here we’re going to talk about the Specs of Lexus Es. whenever we start talking about the specs only one thing that comes up in our mind is… An engine that shows the real power & performance of the car, So In this car Lexus has the same engine 3.5Liter V-6 engine which is used in Camry and Lexus RX. but there are some changes in Hybrid variants it comes with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine…

After talking about the Engine, how can we forget about the speed? So let’s check it out. The Es300h pickup is 0 to 62mph in just 8.9sec which is Impressive enough to have a drive of this beauty and its Powerful Engine produces 214.56bhp @5700rpm that’s how it can easily touch the needle to 180km/h.

Which can also be called Top speed and to keep it going on Top speed. you need a Good fuel tank capacity, which is 65 Litres in non-hybrid, and in the hybrid model, you get 50ltrs fuel tank capacity with a Mileage of 23km/l combined.



With all its power and performance Lexus also takes care of the Uncomparable designs language in all the lineup and in Lexus es300h they have done a pretty good job too, When you are a little busy in schedule and you need to move around from one site to another, your Lexus ES300H makes sure to make your journey easier.

Here, we present you 5 design highlights of the new car.

1.That Aggressive Front Grill

Lexus es Aggressive Front Grill

It Definitely takes a little time getting used to, but one thing is for sure: That Giant Grill is killing the competition and its sharp connection with futuristic LED headlamps is something that asks to look at it twice thrice or even more.

2. A lustrous Silhouette

A lustrous Silhouette of ES 2020

A continuous long roof represents the seventh-generation ES, emphasizing the car’s wide, low position around 5mm less than the previous edition.because of what it appears more fluid and dynamic, making for a majestic first impression. Aesthetics aside, it contributes to the aerodynamics of the car. Hence, Leading to fuel efficiency, a reduction in noise and vibration, better handling, and speed control.

3.Bigger and More Digital

Bigger and More Digital of Lexus Es

WOW, Lexus es300h interior-Thanks to a 12.3-inch Electro Multi Vision Display, know information such as incoming calls, what is playing on the sound system, and direction to the destination are all clearly visible. The 10.2-inch head-up display is helping the driver track and feels the speed data. Additionally, all the user controls are within easy reach to keep you undisturbed while driving.

4.Sit and Relax

Sit and Relax of Lexus ES

The back seat is pretty spacious with plenty of legroom, thanks goes to the increase in the length of this ES by 65mm, and a 45mm increase in width, a boon over this is that they can recline by up to eighty degrees. The front passenger seat has additional Features that are worth talking about: Another set of controls on the driver side door for better adjustments when you driving your mom somewhere around.

5.Luxury Within Cabin

The Shimamoko wood trim has left it’s premium presence on the steering wheel and all over the cabin. This exceptional art-work requires 67 manufacturing steps executed over 38 days and

but it’s pretty wide sunroof makes the interior of the Lexus es300h complete. So, Go for the Luxury variant and be absorbed in 17 Mark Levinson speakers thoughtfully placed all around-such as closer to the ears of passenger- to give a concert like audio experience.

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