ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM .Overview-Specs-Features-Design.



A well defined aura. A existence that define time itself. Phantom is the signature Rolls-Royce iconic and experience explanation of the modern motor car. Rolls Royce create the different world for it’s customer to experience the best , It is unbeatable and unequalled car .Phantom has  CO2 emission: 329-328 g/km; Fuel consumption: 19.5-19.6 mpg / 14.5-14.4 l/100km. The Rolls Royce made the most powerful  and luxury car Phantom. The new generation Rolls-Royce Phantom combines power with style and elegance rather effortlessly.  The Phantom is the eight and current generation of Roll’s Royce. It has 6.7 L twin-turbo V12 engine. The Phantom have 8 -speed automatic transmission




The Phantom is superb and 4 door luxury car. The Customers can choose from 44,000 paint colours, and specify any leather colour in Phantom. It fully based on  “Architecture of luxury “ The Phantom has twin -turbocharger V12 with The mileage of 7Kmpl.  The Phantom has 8speed automatic satellite Aided transmission and  4 – wheel steering for better driving performance. The Rolls Royce will automatically brake to a walking speed if a coach door remains open when driving off. Phantom steering wheel turn ,in 60Km/h the rear wheel will turn 3 degree and In 80Km/h the rear wheel will turn 1 degree and the Rolls Royce has also 3772 mm of wheelbase, 5982 of length ,2018mm of width and 1656mm of height. Rolls Royce is extremely cozy from inside and experience of the silence.



The Rolls Royce has 6.5L twin-turbocharged V12 engine and Phantom has also 5 seat capacity. The Phantom  was included in a recall involving cars with a V8 or V12 engine from BMW, because of the potential to develop a leak in the power braking system. The engine displacement is 6749 cc. The Phantom has 100 litres fuel tank capacity and The twin-turbocharger system generate which 568 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque. It has New single-piece wheels and New side-badge design which completely change the Rolls Royce design. The fuel economy of Phantom is 7 km/l combined and extended side window detailing. The Phantom engine allows an acceration of 0-100 Km/h in just 5.4 seconds. ZF 8HP 8-speed transmission help to get this speed .It has  automatically close door system.



The phantom has unbelievable design and  Around the Phantom 6mm two layer gazing. The sound insulation and aluminium joints is 130Kg ,which make The Phantom a world silent car. The Rolls Royce have suicide doors. The phantom has comfort and purify seat. The leather of this car is amazing. The Phantom give the gallery concept dashboard in where you can chose your favourite art,which done on the dashboard. the Phantom have fully digital dashboard panel and including enlarged 8 inches (200 mm) LCD screen. Rolls Royce Improved there audio, telecoms and connectivity systems. The initial production of 200 2008 Phantom Coupe was sold out during its original announcement in 2008, with two-thirds of the orders come from customers who had never before owned a Rolls-Royce vehicle

Rolls Royce Phantom Interior

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