Jaguar XJ. Overview-Specs-Features-Design.


The Jaguar XJ is a magnificence Luxury car. it is a fatal car of Jaguar series. which give the hilarious performance comes from the 3.0 L V6 diesel. The Jaguar xf is a full-size luxury car produced by  British automobile manufacturer jaguar cars. It’s become jaguar land rover in 2013. The xj is a fantabulous car of Jaguar. The native model was the last Jaguar saloon to have had the input of Sir William Lyons, which is the founder of the company, and the model has been featured in innumerable media and high-profile appearances. The current XJ (X351) was launched in 2009.


Jaguar XJ. Overview-Specs-Features-Design.

The Aggresive and elegant look of the Jaguar XJ feels you like terrible and that moment will be amazing. Jaguar has established that the Next-generation XJ will be an Electric sedan. Jaguar also says that the new electric XJ will be developed by the same team behind the luxury electric SUV I-Pace. The condolence and comfortability of the XJ is stunning. The  Jaguar XJ is a big sedan, no matter which way you look at it. Over 5.2 metres long and closely 2 meters wide, it would hardly fit in our parking slot. Despite its age, the gaint Jag manages to turn heads easily even today thanks to its melodious proportions,dwarf stance and some good design feels like the wide mesh grille and the steeply raked C-pillars that are designed to gel flawless with the rear glass of this car.

Jaguar XJ. Overview-Specs-Features-Design.

In India The Jaguar XJ is available in three variants – First is Premium Luxury, second Portfolio and the third is XJ50 and The starting price of this car is Rs 1.03 crore and and goes all the way up to Rs 1.11 crore. ex-showroom price in India. The XJ has something symbolic about driving the Jaguar XJ50 is a special edition. That’s not only because it marks 50 years of the XJ’s reality with The appreance of XJ6 on first that way back in 1968, but also the fact that there is a sense of purity to this big luxury clump that few cars can match.



The Astonishing and  muscular performance of XJ make it extraordinary and thats is amazing. The Jaguar XJ has 3.0 L V6 diesel engine and 8 speed Gearbox Automatic Transmission which helps to grab 225kw Horsepower. The XJ has 1 Diesel Engine on offer. The Diesel engine is 2993 cc. . Depending upon the variant and fuel type the XJ gives 14.47 kmpl mileage and It has 77L Fuel Tank Capacity which helps to save your time hahaha. The XJ has 5 seating capacity and 478 Boot space that makes you comfortable. btw XJ has lot of space it gives you a relaxed experience and that makes it different from others.

Jaguar XJ. Overview-Specs-Features-Design.

The Jaguar XJ is also available in V-8 which makes zero-to-60-mph in just  4.4-second. The XJ has [email protected] Max Torque ([email protected]) and [email protected] Max Power ([email protected]). It also has Length (mm)5255, Width (mm)1899 and Height (mm)1460.the fabulous look and smooth performance of jaguar create the XJ. The both suspension of XJ is air suspension and the power steering makes it cosy. The XJ accelerate (0-100 kmph) in just 6.2 seconds.



The XJ has Conservative and energatic design of the Jaguar XJ. The XJ has some equipment like  a panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled front and rear seats and a 20-speaker Meridian audio system (a 26-speaker system is optional) and touchscreen infotainment with navigation. The Additional Features of XJ is Jaguar Drive Control (Normal / Winter / Dynamic Modes) which makes the weather in our car. Adaptive Dynamics and Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL) with Front Massage Function with 5 Intensity Settings that helps to feel relaxed while driving. It has Electric Rear Window Sunblind & Electric Rear Side Window Blinds

XJ redefines what a luxury car should be. It’s a dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power. It provides agility and delivers a refreshingly dynamic driving experience. For the passenger, the cabin is built for stretching out and relaxing.





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